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Price Lists  

eCycle Group pays top dollar for empty laser and inkjet cartridges that are undamaged and not previously remanufactured, unless noted otherwise. Click below to view the list of exact items we buy and their subsequent prices. Payment is based on the price in effect at the time your shipment arrives at our facility.
Please be sure to pack your items carefully as we cannot pay for damaged items. Due to high daily processing volumes, we are not able to send items back to you.


ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 BROTHER 4.00$3.20 BROTHER DR420 HL2240/2270 DR2200$1.60
 BROTHER DR620$1.20 BROTHER DR-720/DR-3300$6.00
 BROTHER TN-720/TN-3330$3.20 BROTHER TN-750 TN-3380$1.60
 BROTHER TN-750/TN-3380 MFC-8510DW/8710DW/8910DW/8950DTW/8950DW/DCP-8110DN/8150DN/8155DN/HL-5440D/5450DN/5470DW/5470DWT/HL-6180DW/6180DWT$3.20 BROTHER TN-780$3.20
 CANON 120 2617B001AA$3.20 
 HP 80X CF280X$6.40 HP C3909A/X SERIES 5SI EP-W$1.60
 HP C8543X SERIES 9000$3.20 HP CC364A SERIES P4014/P4015/P4515$3.20
 HP CC364X SERIES P4015/P4515$8.10 HP CE255A SERIES P3015$1.20
 HP CE255X SERIES P3015 HIGH YIELD$5.60 HP CE270A SERIES CP5525N 8496216116/884962161166 BLACK$3.20
 HP CE271A SERIES CP5525N 8496216116/884962161166 CYAN$3.20 HP CE272A SERIES CP5525N 8496216116/884962161166 YELLOW$3.20
 HP CE273A SERIES CP5525N 8496216116/884962161166 MAGENTA$3.20 HP CE390A LASERJET M4555 MFP/ENTERPRISE 600 SERIES M601/M602/M603$3.20
 HP CE390X LASERJET M4555 MFP/ENTERPRISE 600 SERIES M601/M602/M603$6.40 HP CE505X SERIES P2055$6.40
 HP CE740A SERIES 5225 BLACK$3.20 HP CE741A SERIES 5225 CYAN$3.20
 HP CF226A$4.80 HP CF226X$6.40
 HP CF281A$1.60 HP CF281X$8.10
 HP CF281XC$8.10 HP CF287A$4.80
 HP CF287X$6.40 HP Q1338A SERIES 4200$12.10
 HP Q1339A SERIES 4300$4.00 HP Q5942A SERIES 4250/4350$4.80
 HP Q5942X SERIES 4250/4350$4.80 HP Q5945A SERIES 4345$3.20
 HP Q5951A SERIES 4700 CYAN$1.20 HP Q5952A SERIES 4700 YELLOW$1.20
 HP Q5953A SERIES 4700 MAGENTA$1.20 HP Q6461A SERIES 4730 CYAN$1.20
 HP Q6462A SERIES 4730 YELLOW$1.20 HP Q6463A SERIES 4730 MAGENTA$1.20
 HP Q6511X SERIES 2420$3.20 HP Q7516A SERIES 5200$2.00
 HP Q7570A SERIES M5025/M5035$2.00 
 LEXMARK MS310 (50F0HA0)$2.80 LEXMARK MS710 (52D1000)$2.80
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