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Inkjet Cartridges  

Ink Cartridge Recycling eCycle Group will pay any school, church, social group, business, or individual that is able to ship a minimum of 20 inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, or cell phones (or 20 lbs of laser cartridges). We do not pay for damaged items, but we do responsibly recycle the ones we receive.

This program is free! We will not charge you for shipping, supplies or use of your online account.

How can I tell if my inkjet cartridges are damaged?
A damaged cartridge will be cracked or broken, have evidence of hole drilled for previous refill, the springs or door will be broken, or it will have damage to the circuit on the back/bottom. Check out this page for additional information.

How can I tell if a cartridge is remanufactured or refilled?
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) like HP, Canon, Brother and Lexmark will have their label on the cartridge. Signs that a cartridge has been refilled include small drill holes, or caps attached with tape. Check out this page for additional information.

Packing Inkjet Cartridges

  • Follow the 20/20 minimum and send at least 20 items or 20 lbs. of mixed qualifying product
  • Do not individually wrap inkjet cartridges

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