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Who can register for eCycle Group?
Anyone can register to sell items to eCycle Group. We have a large number of schools, churches, social groups, businesses, and individuals from across the United States. They send at least 20+ items (or 20+ lbs of mixed product) from our price list and get paid for their collection efforts.

Does eCycle Group provide collection boxes?
We do not provide collection boxes. Instead, we encourage the reuse of boxes from your home, office, or community. This helps save natural resources like the ones used in the production of brand new shipping boxes. It also saves the valuable fossil fuels used to ship the boxes from the vendor to our facility, and then out again to our many collectors.
Print labels from your online account for immediate use, or order some and we'll send them to you via US mail; you'll receive those in about a week.

What are the minimums for shipping items?
Send a minimum of 20 items (or 20 lbs. of product) from our price list in each box. You can send a box filled with one type of product, or send mixed items.

Are you able to send back some of the items I shipped?
eCycle Group processes very high volumes of product each day. We are unable to send your items back to you.



What kinds of cartridges do you pay for?
The printer cartridges we pay for appear on our published price list. We do not pay for damaged or remanufactured cartridges.

How can I tell if a cartridge is remanufactured or refilled?
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) like HP, Canon, Brother and Lexmark will have their label on the cartridge. Signs that a cartridge has been refilled include small drill holes, or caps attached with tape. (additional information).

How can I tell if my cartridges are damaged?
A damaged cartridge will be cracked or broken, have evidence of hole drilled for previous refill, the springs or door will be broken, or it will have damage to the circuit on the back/bottom (additional information).



What models of cell phones do you pay for?
We pay for all cell phone models that appear on our price list. We do not pay for damaged devices.

What condition do my cell phones have to be in?
Cell phones must be on our price list, functional, and not cracked to qualify for payment (additional information).

How do I prepare a cell phone for recycling?

  • Terminate your phone's cellular service with your wireless provider.
  • Clear the memory of contacts and other stored information on the phone.
  • Remove your phone’'s SIM card, if it has one. If you are unsure if your phone has a SIM card or if you need help removing your SIM card, contact your wireless provider.



When do I get paid?
eCycle Group automatically issues checks once a month for all accounts with balances of at least $25.

Do you guarantee payment for all cartridges we send?
eCycle Group pays for all items on the price list that arrive undamaged and are not remanufactured. Payment is based on the price in effect at the time your shipment arrives at our facility.



Does eCycle Group pay for shipping?
Yes, we provide free UPS Ground shipping. Login to your online account or contact customer service to get your free shipping labels. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team can be reached at 1(866) 377-7575, Mon. – Fri. from 8:30-5pm (ET) or anytime by email info@ecyclegroup.com.

Where do I ship my cartridges and cell phones?
Using our free, pre-addressed UPS shipping labels all of your items will go right to our processing facility.

How do I ship my cartridges and cell phones?

  1. Fill a box with a minimum of 20 items (or 20 lbs of product) from our price list. If your items exceed more than 40 lbs please use more than one box.
  2. Affix a pre-paid UPS label and tape the box shut.
  3. Leave it for your UPS driver (or at any UPS pickup location).
        Please do not call UPS for a pick up. They will charge a mandatory fee that cannot be waived or reimbursed by
        eCycle Group.

What is the minimum number of items I can ship at once?
eCycle Group requires that each box you send contain at least 20 items, or 20 lbs of product, from our price list. Boxes can be filled with one type of item, or a mixture.

How heavy of a box can I send in using the UPS labels?
Each box of product must not exceed 40 lbs. If you have more than 300 laser printer cartridges please contact customer service so we can set up a free freight pickup for you (info@ecyclegroup.com or 1(866)377-7575).

Can I combine items for my shipment?
When combining items for shipping, we recommend using a smaller box for the inkjets and cell phones, then placing that box in the larger box with your laser/toner cartridges.

What happens if cartridges and cell phones are damaged during shipping?
eCycle Group does not pay for items that arrive at our facility damaged. That's why packing your items well is so important.