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Environmental Policy Statement  

eCycle Group is part of Clover Technologies Group, the world's largest ink and toner cartridge remanufacturer. Clover Environmental Solutions (CES) has key certifications and partnerships that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. CES works with these organizations on an ongoing basis to continually improve and evaluate environmental and quality goals. By adhering to these best practices, CES has become the industry leader in the collections and recycling of cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics.

This policy is enacted by CES as part of the process to inform businesses of the facts surrounding the environmental benefits of recycling or reusing waste products in a most efficient basis.

CES puts their commitment to this policy into action each day with the following processes:

  • Collection of laser and ink cartridges for refilling which results in reusing resources.
  • In the case that the cartridge is unusable or the market is prohibitive to reuse, we attempt to recycle.
  • In the case that a cartridge cannot be recycled, it is disposed of in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances.
  • CES recycles all cardboard that comes into the facility
  • All cell phones no matter the condition are sold to re-furbisher for reuse, remanufactured, or recycled.
  • All batteries are sent to an accredited recycler.
  • All –metal, chargers, and cords are sent to a recycler for reclaim.


ISO 14001:2004-Certified
ISO 14001:2004 is the international specification for an environmental management system (EMS). It specifies requirements for establishing an environmental policy, determining environmental aspects and impacts of products/activities/services, planning environmental objectives and measurable targets, implementation and operation of programs to meet objectives and targets, checking and corrective action and management review.

EPA WasteWise Partner
WasteWise is the country's first national voluntary solid waste reduction program. WasteWise encourages organizations to reduce municipal solid waste through waste prevention, recycling, and buying or manufacturing recycled products. Through this partnership, Clover Technologies Group has established the goal to reduce its waste generation by 10-percent in one year