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Cell Phone Recycling eCycle Group will pay any school, church, social group, business, or individual that is able to ship a minimum of 20 inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, or cell phones (or 20 lbs of laser cartridges). This program is free! We will not charge you for shipping, supplies or use of your online account.

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eCycle Group recycles and pays cash for:

Inkjet Cartridges
Laser/Toner Cartridges
Cell Phones

View price lists for a full list of the items we collect and the prices we pay.

Environmental Certifications
eCycle Group is part of Clover Technologies Group, the world‘s largest ink and toner cartridge remanufacturer. Clover Environmental Solutions (CES) has key certifications and partnerships that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. CES works with these organizations on an ongoing basis to continually improve and evaluate environmental and quality goals. By adhering to these best practices, CES has become the industry leader in the collections and recycling of cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics.

Check out our compliance and certifications here.

Personalized Service
eCycle Group employs its unique background to assist your organization in realizing its full revenue potential. Whether you are joining us as a large group or as an individual, let us help you recycle conveniently and profitably. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team at 1(866) 377-7575, Mon. – Fri. from 8:30-5pm (EST). Or you can email them anytime at info@ecyclegroup.com.

Fundraising Efforts
Millions of dollars are lost annually when empty cartridges are discarded in landfills. By actively recycling empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges, your organization can reclaim some of this profit. If you are recycling for a college, university, K-12, high school, church, or another nonprofit, eCycle Group is a great fundraising program for you.

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