Our toll-free phone number is currently not in service. Please call (814) 464-1898 email us at info@ecyclegroup.com for Customer Service.
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Welcome to eCycle Group  

Our mission is to help YOU earn extra cash by collecting and sending in empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges. eCycle Group is a trusted partner to tens of thousands of individuals, schools, businesses, churches, and youth groups across the United States.

Working with eCycle Group is free, easy, and benefits you and the environment.

We pay for all items on our price list*
We pay monthly (all $25+ account balances)
Shipping is free and easy

Recycle Toner

When shipping items to eCycle Group, please send more than one item at a time. Fill a box with a minimum of 20 items or 20 lbs of mixed product (maximum of 40 lbs) from our price list, attach a label and leave the box at a UPS pickup location.

If you have 3+ skids of mixed product from our price list or 300+ laser cartridges, give us a call and we'll set
up a free freight shipment for you.

* eCycle Group only pays for items on our published
price list. We do not pay for damaged, remanufactured items, or other product types.